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about me

Height: 6"1   |   Eye Color: Hazel   |   Hair Color: Brown  


Based in New York and graduating from Brooklyn College with a BFA in Acting. I am passionate about story telling and focus on stories that best move us. The most important lesson this noisy city has taught me is... Listen. Listen to every story around you and take action to tell them the best way you can. 



InterAct Theater               |  Selling Kabul*                                          | Jawid 


59E59                                 |  Friends with Amenities*                         | Ali 

American Stage Co.          | Disgraced*                                              | Amir


Peoples Light                     |  MUSHROOM*                                       | Natarajan 

Tow PAC                       |   Porto                                           |     Simone/Raphael 

Columbia university     |   Breathing in the rain                     |    Trevor 

LPAC                            |   Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo  |   Musa 

Brooklyn College         |  Lafollie (World Premiere)                 |  Kader 

Made for Stage Prod.  |  Karachi The Musical                         |   Mohsin

Brooklyn College              |  Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf               |  George 

NYU Skirball                      |  Bad News... I was There!                          | Guide 

Film & TV

  Luke Houben                 |         Izhar           |     Faraz/Writer/ Music                                                                                                   Score/Producer 

Ji hoon Yeo                    |         Coffee        |      Samir/Writer/Producer 

Kirsten Johnson              | Dick Johnson is dead (Official | Jesus 
                                         Selection of Sundance Festival 

Paul Holahan                  |  BLACKLIST          |   SAI (Guest Star) 

Andrew McCarthy.  | Awkwafina is Nora from Queens | Bodega Guy (Guest star)

Ahsan Ali & Harrison Marx | FAHIM              |   Fahim (Writer, Producer, Director)

Ahsan Ali & Harrison Marx | SASHA.             |  Hussein (Writer, Producer, Director)

Chealsea Gonzalez          |  LEGIT MARRIED | Ali (Co-Writer, Producer) 

Ahsan Ali & Harrison Marx |  This is Awkward | Rafae (Writer, Producer, Director)

Training & Workshops

Brooklyn College  |   Practical aesthetics    |   Anya Saffir

Brooklyn College  |   Stage Combat (RP)  |   Eugene Sofinalli

Brooklyn College  |   Meisner Technique   |   Roger Manix

Special Skills

Guitar. Vocals. Valid  Driving and Motorcycle license. Dancing. 
Speak Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi and English Fluently

 Full Resume
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